After 10 years of testing this model of micro-clinics, and with experience gathered from our three existing micro-clinics, we are scaling up our interventions to open more micro-clinics in different underserved communities. Our objective is to open five micro-clinics with the next five years.
Our project requires funding at three levels.

A) Construction Phase: We have a well-designed model of the micro-clinic to be constructed similarly in all the different communities with the same presentation and space to offer our unique services. This phase requires a total of $95,000 for the construction of a single Micro-clinic. Funding covering this entire phase is rated at Gold. The funder name is enshrined on the main sign post of the clinic as “Donated by XXXX”

B) Equipment and Supply phase: This requires the total supply of all equipment and medical supplies needed for the initially functioning of the micro-clinic. It ranges from bed, medical diagnostics to all medical consumables. The cost of equipping a newly constructed micro-clinic is estimated at $50,000. A Funder who provides for this phase is rated Silver and has his name stocked (with beautiful durable stickers) on all the major equipment and furniture provided by the funds as “Donated by XXXX)

C) Staffing and Running Cost: This phase requires the recruitment of all technical and management staff and the initial payment of salaries for the first 24 months before the clinics gets completely self-sustaining. It also include funds for basic utilities and communication within the same period. This phase is estimated at $40,000. The funder provided for this fund is rated as Godfather. His name is printed on the medication plastic bags with the message “Thank you to Godfather XXXX”.

A funder who takes on Phase A and B and C is rated as Platinum
While he who takes on phase A and B is rated Diamond.

For Our existing micro-clinics, every dollar donated saves the live of somebody in each of the communities where these clinics are found. Donations to these clinics will provide for medications, medical supplies, and medical equipment especially ultrasound machines for our antenatal health services, as well as delivery kids and baby wares for pregnant women. The entire list of some of the items that could be very useful to use is found below.