At Unite For Health, we are interested in serving those in Underserved and hard to reach communities

Unite For Health Foundation (UHF) is a community based non-profit organization that works to improve access to basic, efficient and affordable healthcare services in under-served communities. With its Head Quarters in New York City in the United States, our work is primarily implemented in Cameroon with plans to expand to other African countries in the nearest possible future .

This organization was founded by Ndansi Elvis Nukam at the age of 24 after working as a Senior Nurse in a very remote area of Bakassi in the Ndian division of Cameroon where he witness so much suffering amongst the local population of Bakassi due to lack of access to basic health care. He was saddened by seeing people walked for long distances and hours just to gain access to the health center where he was stationed. What ignited his passion for this work was is the story of a 22year old lady who lost her baby after trekking for more than 15miles through very bad road networks just to gain access to the nearest healthcare facility where Elvis was the first to receive her and to discover that her baby was dead upon arrival. This baby died of ordinary malaria which this lady would have had her baby treated if there was a healthcare facility within her community. Elvis then set out to solve this problem by opening micro-clinics in underserved communities where people can get basic health services such as consultation, treatment, wound dressing and maternity spaces where women can give birth in the hands of trained health personnel.

Over the years, Unite for health foundation have opened micro-clinics in different parts of the country and is reaching out to thousand of Cameroonians by providing basic health care services ranging from general consultation, laboratory screening, pro-pharmacy services, maternal and child health services including immunization and pregnancy schools, health education and counseling as well as community outreach health campaign.
UHF is is currently registered as a 501(C) non-profit organization in the Unite States of America with the hope to take this vision which started local but is now thinking global.

Elvis Ndansi, Founder & CEO,

  • The Obama Foundation Scholars Program at Colunbia University, Inaugural Cohort
  • Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition in recognition of outstanding and valuable service to the community. Senator Donovan,
  • The Govt of the USA’s Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders